Last Friday in class we discussed GOOGLE Docs and what it has to offer to educators.  Before class, I had heard of GOOGLE Docs but really have not explored it further than created word documents.   I have had classes here at the university where professors have used them before but not to the extent in this class.  After going over every single way to use GOOGLE Docs in class I was amazed with how easy it was to do.  Word and PowerPoint were easy because they  are very similar to Microsoft's program.  The only upgrade I see with using GOOGLE Docs is the form template.  With this template educators can create test or surveys that can embedded into blogs.  This is really awesome because most of the students are tech savy.  However, the only drawback to using this in the classroom is that school sometimes do not have classroom sets of computers.  In this case a computer lab is required for completion.  The best feature of this educational tool would be that it saves documents automatically and it allows for collaboration projects.  For instance and student can take notes on a certain topic, save it, then share it with their partners so that person can complete the rest of the notes.  If have not check out GOOGLE Docs please do and it only requires a GMAIL account.  It will change your mind about any other word processing suite.

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