Twitter is somewhat a new technology that many might feel hesitant to switch to from Facebook or any other social media program.  After being on Twitter for about a week, I can conclude that it is great social media program for anyone.  One might be thinking how can Twitter be used in education?  Well for instance it can be used to follow other educators in the same content area or even educators that deal strictly with promoting technology in the classroom.  I think the awesome characteristic of Twitter is that when a hashtag (#) is used it goes to everyone in that group.  The only drawback I see with Twitter is that when tweeting it only allows up to 140 characters which really limits to what someone has to say.  One rule of thumb is when using Twitter it is best to used a third party program like TweetDeck because it provides a three column organization for groups that you have created.
Video conferencing might be another educational tool that could be useful in any classroom.  There are many free programs like meetings.io, skype, and google hangouts that provide video conferencing.  However with Google Hangouts it requires a GMAIL account to access the software.  You might be thinking cool students can have conferences with each other but the real advantage of using this software would be having a person in any field of education have a conference with the students.  For instance, a Social Studies teacher could have expert in the field of the French Revolution or any other topic teaching the class let say from Europe or half way across the world.  To me that it crazy because it can actually benefit everyone in the class.  Students will learn from the best expert in their field because sometimes teachers do not know everything about their field

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