Prezi is great web 2.0 tool for visual learners and it is a great way to differentiate instruction in the classroom.  However, it does take some practice getting used to how the program works.  With most teachers using PowerPoint or Smart Notebook for class presentation the transitions to Prezi will be easier then first time users to the two programs.  Prezi has the basic features as the two programs but instead information is put into shapes instead of slides with bullets.   This is a basic Prezi I created about Election Day in Ohio.
Wallwisher is another great tool to use in the classroom.  This tool is very easy to use because it has the same basic concept as Diigo with the idea of sticky notes.  Wallwisher allows teachers to collaborate with other teachers and students by sharing information on the board.  Notes can be taken on the wall and videos can be viewed or even shared.  Here is a wall that I created about lowering the voting age.  This was actually a activity I did with my students at the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center.  The students read a Upfront article on lower the voting age.  Following this I wrote down words or phrases describing if they were "for" or "against" lowering the voting age.  This is what the four government classes came up with.
The last web 2.0 tool that I used was Thinglink.  This tool take a picture and embeds text, music, videos and links to websites that can be explored.  It is a great tool for visual learners because it involves a pictures with information attached.  In this case the picture is the central focus and the information comes second.  Here is Thinglink I created for election day to keep up with theme for my government classes.
Lenna Black
11/9/2012 10:36:35

Good job on your prezi! I messed around with it but couldn't figure out all the ins and outs...will have to spend more time with it!
I like your Thinglink also - I hadn't visited that site but will do so!

12/6/2012 16:52:57

Really like how you used the Thinglink. Well done. Keep it up.


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