For my final reflection I started off by reading what I wrote at the beginning of the semester.  After this 16 week course, I can honestly say that I have learned a great deal on how to use technology in the classroom.  What I wrote down was the basics about incorporating technology into the classroom but now there are so many possibilities.  After the first day, I thought that there are a lot tools that I will be learning this semester and how will they all work in the classroom.  Well after 16 weeks, I can say that all the tools have some place in the classroom.

Reflecting on what I have learned about technology and its use in the classroom; the number one thing that I learned was that technology creates differentiated learning.  Differentiated learning is a great way to cater to all the different learning styles.  Some students might be visual learners while others might be auditory.  No matter what tool is used it will be beneficial to all learners.  To go in hand with differentiated learning I would say that technology is important because it actually gives the students more responsibility in their own learning.  In our last class meeting it was said that the blog is for the teacher and the wiki is for the students.  This really does go with the idea of responsibility.  Educators can post lessons on Wikis and it gives the students the opportunity to learn at their own pace. 

With the countless tools that I learned over this semester, I would have to say that my favorite tool would have to be tie between GOOGLE Docs and Diigo.  I love GOOGLE Docs because it gives students the opportunity to collaborate on a variety of document types.  Diigo is another great tool because educators can create groups for different classes and it gives them a opportunity to bookmark webpages.  Also I love that teachers and students can use sticky notes and put questions that can be answered directly from the text.  Both teachers and students can use the tool to highlight text so the main parts can be remembered.

In conclusion, I want to say that I'm really glad that I took this course.  Also I want to thank my blog buddy for great semester.  I know that the technology that I have learned this semester will only enhance my abilities as a teacher.  Finally, I want to thank Garth for a great semester. 
12/17/2012 07:43:16

I am glad you took away some valuable skills from this course. The idea of how important differentiation can be in a classroom is very important to the success of your students. I am also glad you enjoyed working with your blog buddy. Good luck and keep in touch.


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